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Did Raila order Nasa supporters to take off panties during demos? – VIDEO

A video posted on Thursday by a a State House operative has caused a buzz online after it linked opposition leader Raila Odinga to a weird tactic to be used in the anti-IEBC demonstrations.

The video captures a man addressing a crowd assembled outside a house using a megaphone. The man’s face is however not visible, concealed by twigs of a tree in the compound.

The video was shot from an aerial position in a neighbouring house and posted on Twitter by State House Digital Director of Dennis Itumbi.

In the video, the man in a white shirt tells the crowd to take off their underwear and display them on the streets while participating in the anti-IEBC demonstrations.

Mtafanya hivyo? Mtafanya hivyo? Nataka nione chupi ya akina mama. (Cheers) Nataka nione chupi ya wamama kwa barabara. (Cheers)…… Nataka nione chupi ya vijana kwa barabara,” the man is heard saying.