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Did Ruto team edit Bomet ‘pothole patching’ launch following uproar?

In his busy schedule in managing the country, Kenya’s President William Ruto is set to go on a development tour in Kericho and Bomet Counties between March 14 and 15, 2024.

The tour will begin in Kericho and end with a political gathering in Bomet the following day.

In the initial announcement, it was announced in a public poster that President Ruto would preside over the launching of potholes patching in Bomet County on March 15, 2024.

In a communique poster reportedly sent from the office of Bomet County Senator Hillary Sigei, and backed by Chepalungu Member of Parliament, Mr Koech Victor alias Mandazi, it was announced that President Ruto will be on a development tour in the County and will officially commission several projects including relaunching some of them.

The projects include launch of potholes patching of Bomet town bitumen roads, the fourth grand launch of Kyogong-Sigor Road in Kapkesosio, Chepalungu, inspection of CDG affordable housing program in Chebir, Chepalungu as well as hold a political baraza at the Bomet Green Stadium in Chepalungu.

News of this visit to Bomet town, however, elicited mixed reactions- especially to do with the pothole patching.

Nairobi News sampled some sentiments among Kenyans over this planned development tour as seen below:

“Sad that the President will be coming to Bomet for the 4th Grand Relaunch of Kyogong-Sigor-Chebunyo Road. Among the very big projects is the launching of potholes patching in Bomet town…Who is letting us down? The frequent visits by our Mps to go and meet cabinet secretaries in Nairobi has never yielded anything, unless filling the gallery with HD photos of the meetings,” said Wilvon.

“Bomet town is doomed. We lack good leaders and development right from the Governor, Senator…the list is long,” added Kipsingei.

“Next time, Bomet residents, let us deny these people our votes,” said Kemboi.

“We elected jokers rather than performers,” added a different Kemboi.

“Bomet is just a playground…they can’t be taken seriously,” opined Kiprotich.

“Bomet leaders has no voice to negotiate at high table for strong (good) projects,” continued Kirui.

However, hours after the poster was published online, on Thursday, March 14, 2024, State House released President Ruto’s itinerary for these two days, and included in it was the road projects in Bomet. However, the itinerary had the ‘launch of pothole patching’ phrase edited out.

“In Bomet, the Head of State will launch:Upgrade of Bomet town roads, Construction of Bomet Universiy-Chebirir-Airstrip Junction road, Kyogony-Sigor Road-Kapkesosion.  The President will also: Inspect progress of affordable housing and Interact and address the people at Bomet Green Stadium,” read the press statement.

The statement went on, “The President will have a busy schedule launching a series of projects aimed at delivering the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), whose overriding goal is to positively impact the lives of all Kenyans.

The government has prioritized making all parts of the country easily accessible through construction and upgrading of roads, which are essentially the engine of rapid development as well as attainment of inclusive economic growth. Sound transport infrastructure opens up every corner of the country for trade by linking producers of goods and the markets. This aligns with Kenya Kwanza’s BETA blueprint, which places counties at the heart of the plan to revitalize and diversify value chains to boost livelihood and transform lives of millions of Kenyans. Additionally, good road networks foster efficient and prompt provision of government services to the people.”

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