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Did this man cause Raila’s podium collapse in Malindi?

An unidentified man in a white shirt has been fingered by conspiracy theorists as being responsible for the embarrassing incident where Cord leader Raila Odinga’s dais caved in as he addressed a rally in Malindi.

A clip that has gone viral shows the man, standing to the extreme right, urging the crowd in front to move away from the dais moment before it collapses.

The clip has been shared countless times on social media, attracting hilarious comments.

However, some Kenyans with probing eyes claim to have spotted the saboteur.

One claims to have seen the man “move something” just seconds to the fall.

Another said: “I’m curious about the guy dressed in white at the far right. He was the first to notice something was wrong.”

A more sober analysis would point to the fact that the man had heard a creaking sound and anticipated the collapse. He was vindicated. Watch the clip here and have your say.