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Did Trevor Ombija turn down the music volume at his club following the Twitter war?

By Winnie Mabel October 13th, 2022 2 min read

For the better part of the day on October 12, 2022, Citizen Television’s prime-time news anchor Trevor Ombija endured insults, mockery and shaming on Twitter over his stance on clubs being shut down because of noise complaints.

Being the owner of the Samaki Samaki Club located in Kileleshwa, Ombija was one of 43 bar and club owners who attended a meeting with the Nairobi County government to chart the way forward on how clubs could operate in residential areas without being a nuisance to residents.

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It was at this meeting that Trevor said he had been willing to soundproof a complainant’s home and this made him the butt of all jokes Kenyans on Twitter could unleash on him.

“When there is a complaint against a bar owner or a restaurant, let us have more than half of the people (living close to the club)complaining. If the apartments are twenty, fifteen of them should show us their lease, signed, and tell us this is the problem,” Ombija went on to suggest at the meeting.

These sentiments further ignited tweeps who told him to deal with the problems his club was causing residents instead of coming up with absurd ideas to get out of being responsible.

For the better part of the day, Ombija was engaged in a Twitter war by complainant resident Emma Too, a former beauty queen, lawyer Nelson Havi and Kilelelshwa Member of County Assembly, Robert Alai.

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It was Ms Too who exposed Ombija for allegedly lying about her in the meeting, claiming he was a victim of a witch hunt because he wouldn’t give Ms Too a landscaping job at his club.

She came after him with evidence of her complaints laid out to Ombija’s alleged co-club owner and videos showing how the music from his club was too loud within her premises for her family to enjoy the comfort of their space.

As much as Trevor tried defending himself for all nuisance his club was causing, it would appear he toed the line following these Twitter wars and shaming.

Ms Too returned to Twitter on October 13, 2022, to reveal that the music was turned down on the particular night/morning she recorded another video.

“It’s silent tonight, but I can’t sleep. Truly shocked at how I was so mistaken about this woman! I honestly thought she was a just person.

Never officially filed a complaint (doing so now). She decided she will come after me for complaining about her club making my life a living hell,” updated Ms Too at 2:35 am.

It is believed she aimed this message at Vanice Morwabe, the lady Ms Too had been complaining about the noise too.

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