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Did Trump ‘copy’ Obama’s 2013 inauguration cake?

Celebrity chef Duff Goldman, who created former US President Barack Obama’s cake for his inauguration four years ago, has been angered by the uncanny resemblance of his creation to that one that was used at President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

Mr Goldman, who created the nine-layer cake four years ago, posted two photos of the nearly identical cakes on Friday night and hinted his work had been ‘plagiarized’.

The baker posted two photos of the cakes and tweeted: ‘The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama’s inauguration four years ago. The one on the right is Trump’s. I didn’t make it.’


In a different stament a bakery owner said she was commissioned to replicate Mr Obama’s 2013 inauguration cake for President Trump after the original creator pointed out the uncanny similarities.

Tiffany MacIsaac, who owns the Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington DC, revealed a client gave her a photo of Obama’s cake with the directive to create the ‘exact’ one for Trump’s ‘Salute to Our Troops’ ball on Friday.

Goldman, who owns cake shops Charm City Cakes and Cakemix in Detroit, previously said making Mr Obama’s inauguration cake was “a lot of pressure”.

“When you’re doing a cake like this, you know that everybody is going to be looking at it,” he told the Washington Post at the time.

Hundreds of social media users leapt on the post, with one writing: “It’s an exact rip-off – down to the last star. 100% Plagiarism.”