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Did Uhuru try to impress Trump with his new American accent – VIDEO

Kenyans online have noticed how President Uhuru Kenyatta quickly acquired an American accent during talks with US President Donald Trump.

President Kenyatta held bilateral talks with President Trump at White House on Monday where they agreed to improve trade and security between the two nations.

In a clip of President Kenyatta’s brief address to the media, he pulled off an American accent thanking President Trump and First Lady Melania for their warm welcome.

In another video, President Kenyatta started off the talks with optimism of how the discussion will benefit Kenya. His host adds that it was a great day for the Kenyan delegation to be the US because the stock market was doing well.

Kenyans who watched clips commented on President Kenyatta’s accent saying;

@wanjaah; “President Uhuru has the Kenyan accent when speaking English and the American accent ?. Anyways that was a fairly successful meeting with the DT.”

@stephgithinji46 stated; “Uhuru pulled some accent hapo kando ya Trump. I say siku mbili tu na isha anza ku flow.”

@Kimanzi_ wrote; “Uhuru has a campaign accent, central accent, Kenyanese accent and the one he talks to western world leaders with.”