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Did Wetangula use ‘your mother’ insult on Twitter user?

A Twitter account believed to belong to Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula caused a storm Sunday when he responded with a below-the-belt answer to a person who had queried him on the Tokyo embassy saga.

It all started when the senator using the account (@WetangulaM) challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to Central Kenya MPs to use all means necessary to end the alcoholism problem in the region.

A screen shot of the offensive tweet. PHOTO | COURTESY
A screen shot of the offensive tweet. PHOTO | COURTESY

He tweeted: “What if the mp for Langata led residents to demolish Weston Hotel to restore public land unfairly grabbed??”

Chris Mandu Mandu, Wetangula’s personal assistant, said his official handle is @Mwetangula, which belongs to a Mbagga Wetangula.

The @Mwetangula Twitter handle belongs to a Mbagga Wetangula. PHOTO | COURTESY
The @Mwetangula Twitter handle belongs to a Mbagga Wetangula. PHOTO | COURTESY

A Twitter user, Kelly Gitahi (‏@kellyGitahi), however, posed this question to Mr Wetangula: “@wetangulam where is the money of the sold Tokyo embassy?”

The senator had a very interesting answer: “@kellyGitahi in your mothers account.”

From this moment, Twitter lit up with some user supporting Mr Wetangula and others attacking his answer.

The exchange had been retweeted 264 times by press time and a screenshot of the same has gone viral on WhatsApp.

Another Twitter user Mahseny (‏@housny) said: “@Wetangulam @kellyGitahi that was a stupid and immature question you deserve the answer.”

Another user, Davidah Dee (‏@Davidah_Dee) wrote: “@Wetangulam @kellyGitahi Weta answered you accordingly. Thumps up Weta….pple shud knw where to direct their qstns.”

Jaccie McCartney Jb ‏was even more elated: “”@Wetangulam @kellyGitahi wow!..such a stupid question deserved a clever answer. Lmao! That’s my senator.”

Eric Kogi was unimpressed: “Weta (Wetangula) has no moral authority to question corruption, until he answers about tokyo embassy.”

Tajudin Abass also weighed in: “Mheshimwa the question lacks relevance but as a leader you need to be extra careful when responding. Decorum please.”

Abdul Qadir said: “@Wetangulam @kellyGitahi in your mother’s account or mothers, reminds me of (National Assmebly Majority Leader Aden) Duale’s pesa sio ya mamako, leaders stooping that low.”

Another user (@rotich_moses) attempted some diplomacy: “@Wetangulam @kellyGitahi Kwani Weta and Duale studied in the same “School Of Thought”? Please leave our mothers out of this.”

The Cord co-principal defended his answer in a subsequent tweet: “The quality of the question determines the quality of the answer. Debate and even mental gymnastics must have rules!!”

Mr Wetangula was forced to step aside as Foreign Affairs minister in 2010 after the scandal but only then Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi has been charged.