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Did you know Mitch is a teetotaller?

November 24th, 2013 1 min read

Dr Mitch Egwang is one of those people who cannot speak in low tones — or maybe it’s his job that has moulded him so out.

In an interview with Chillax, the Tusker Project Fame co-host revealed that he is a teetotaler but don’t get things twisted; you won’t find him attending bible study while his boys go out.

Rather he plays pool while sipping soda or juice as everyone goes hard on alcohol.

“I don’t drink because I like keeping fit. I can spend hours in the gym; you know I am a sweet guy that’s why I drink sweet things,” explained a jocular Mitch.

Well, in case you were thinking of asking the guy out on a social event now you know what he prefers to get high on. Sugar.