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Dida rubbishes Uhuru’s call for national prayers and KOT agree

Presidential candidate Abduba Dida has termed calls for national prayer ahead of Thursday’s presidential election as hypocritical.

Dida said he cannot attend the prayer day event as it is hypocritical because leaders and Kenyans ought to first repent before approaching God.

“I see that as a blasphemy, before you pray first meet the conditions, there is a criteria… a whole government, everybody is complaining, you are stealing. If you have taken land bring back the land, if you have taken money if you have taken anything that belongs to me bring it back.”

“And then when it is between you and God you have to stop the nonsense that you are doing when you remember it you have to regret and you have to promise God that you will never do it again. When you are done with the conditions of repentance is when you can comfortably ask God,” Dida told NTV.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday called on Kenyans to pray for the nation on Sunday saying the country needs God’s grace.

His statement on how politicians were being hypocritical elicited reactions online as most users supported him.