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Didmus Barasa charged with assault, released on bond

Kimilili lawmaker Didmus Barasa has denied charges of assault and released on a Sh100,000 cash bail.

The controversial Member of Parliament was charged on Monday, hours after he was arrested at his home in Kimilili on suspicion of assaulting a musician and causing grievous body harm.

In a video that went viral, the lawmaker on Friday was captured appearing to slap Stephen Masinde aka Steve Kay, and a contractor for refusing to hand over classrooms that had been built at cost of Sh3.4million.

Barasa was set to commission the five new classrooms built at Batptist Lurare Primary School through National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) at Kamukuywa, Kimilili.

Drama ensued after the legislator found out that the musician Steve Kay together with one Ronald Graham had locked up the new classrooms demanding money for construction fees before handing over the new classrooms.

Police on Monday said they had received the P3 form from the musician following July 30, drama.

In a quick rejoinder, Barasa, speaking at Namasanda Primary School, said he never slapped Masinde, instead, he said that he was asking him to zip up his trousers as he was embarrassing himself.

“…Kwa vile ni raifiki yangu nikaona nikama alienda kujisaidia na alikua hajafunga zip. Mimi naona gari yake ndogo iko ndani hajafunga nikasema wacha nikimbie nimwambie garage yake iko empty funga duka. Sasa wakati nilienda kumuambia hivo akatoroka mbio akafikiria naenda kumpiga. (Since he is my friend, I thought he had gone for a short call and failed to zip up his trouser… when I approached him he started running away thinking that I was going to beat him),” Barasa said.

Police said they will take further action on the issue.