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Digital tax: How show of wealth has landed Kenyan celebs in trouble

We have to give it to Kenyan content creators and celebrities for living lavishly. However, their opulent lifestyle has now caught the attention of the government.

If the Finance Bill 2023 is passed by Parliament, the content creators will be subjected to a 15 per cent withholding tax which is significantly higher than the 5 per cent rate for professional services.

To make it worse, one of their own, comedian-turn-politician Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang’o has told the content creators that they have no excuse not to pay the digital tax proposed in the Bill on the account of the millionaire lifestyles.

And here is how Jalang’o has backed up his claims:

Oga Obinna – The former Kiss 100 presenter recently gifted himself a brand new Volkswagen Touareg SUV on his birthday.

“The small gift he gave himself is a VW Touareg 2017. The 2018 and 2019 edition would have cost him Sh5-7 million, depending on which showroom he buys from,” Jalang’o explained.

Comedian Oga Obinna. PHOTO | COURTESY

Amber Ray – Socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray recently revealed that she earns Sh300,000 every single day. In an interview, the mother of two added that the amount was not enough to satisfy her spending habits.

“Before I got married, I used to spend 300k a day. Nowadays, I don’t use my money anymore,” she said.

To this Jalang’o said: “Three hundred thousand per day times 30 days. Do the math.”

Mulamwah – A picture of the comedian, whose real name is David Oyando, eating githeri from a plate stacked with several wands of Sh1,000 notes is what appears to have sold him off.

Comedian Mulamwah. PHOTO | COURTESY

Eric Omondi – Jalang’o has revealed that last month, Eric made more than Sh10 million from content creation.

“If you go to his Instagram page you can see that apart from any other video he creates, he is doing advertising from a restaurant, a movers company, a gynecology clinic, a money application. And Eric’s rate card does not come cheap I know because I have paid him for some work… and that is just last month.”

“He has this mega-mansion that is building back in the village, congratulation by the way and my promise is still there,” Jalang’o said.

Bahati – The former gospel artiste has numerous endorsements and in the compound of his in a mega-mansion there are several top of the range vehicles, including a Mercedes C250, a van and a Toyota TX Prado.

Celebrity couple Bahati and Diana. PHOTO | COURTESY

Vincent Mboya – According to Jalang’o, just the other day Mboya was asking for Sh18,000 for rent yet he has lately been flaunting cash and a new car.

Crazy Kennar – It’s very easy to tell the endorsements that he has and the cars he drives from his social media pages.

Sammy Kioko – While Kenyans celebrated the content creator for building his mother a house, Jalang’o said the government sees it as an opportunity to probe.

The house that Sammy Kioko built for his mother. PHOTO | COURTESY

“He just finished building his mother a house which is a good thing but the government does not see that you have built your mother a house to tell you congratulations, they see an opportunity to ask where did you get this money from?” he said.

Mungai Eve – Scrolling through her social media pages reveals the multi-million house she lives in Kileleshwa, the businesses she runs and her brand ambassadorial deals.

Content creator Eve Mungai. PHOTO | COURTESY

Nicholas Kioko – The content creator and YouTuber, who just welcomed baby twins, held lavish for the children.

Akothee – Jalang’o revealed that her ‘sister’ has not spared regardless of having been a millionaire ever since the name content creation was coined fell on deaf ears.

“What we see she is a content creator. She is the brand ambassador Unga, Naivas, Rosy, and the list goes on and on,” he said.

Natalie Tewa – She promotes various brands and frequently travels in and out of the country.

Kabi Wa Jesus – He lives large, drives expensive cars and just the other day bought his wife a Range Rover.

Abel Mutua – Aka Mkurugenzi, Abel once owned a Mercedes E350 and later bought himself a Land Rover Discovery 4, which goes for at the lowest Sh5 million.

Njugush – The funny man recently filled up the KICC Tsavo boardroom with a sitting capacity of about 3000-4000 people and the tickets were sold out.

“How do I tell them that from content creation Njugush has built a home and filled up the KICC and yet they are not able to pay taxes?” Jalang’o asked.

Edwin Butita – Puzzled by the discussion of trying to prove that content creation does not pay much, Jalang’o asked how could he defend Butita’s lifestyle who runs a whole media house and pays his more than five presenters and editors who do not come cheap.

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