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Director Tiger speaks out after video of him homeless goes viral

By Rajab Zawadi November 4th, 2022 2 min read

Broke gospel video director Nelson Ominde alias Director Tiger blames his past love relationship for his promising career downfall.

Last week a video emerged online of the video director, who is now said to be homeless and living on the streets of Nairobi as he struggles to make ends meet.


Director Tiger is homeless in the streets of Nairobi #directordon #latestvideos254 #dononlinetv

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For starters, Director Tiger is the brains behind several gospel hit videos such as Lala Salama by Willy Paul, Bahati’s break-out song Mama, Tenda Wema by Christian Shusho featuring Ringtone, Ning’are by Christian Shusho, Mapocho by Size 8, Jubilation by Ringtone, Acha Niimbe by Pitson, Mapepo by Visita just to mention a few.

In his prime, Director Tiger also did several videos for free.

“Bahati’s Mama, which brought him to the limelight, I didn’t charge him. I was supporting him because he was just starting then and he couldn’t afford paying for the video,” Ominde reveals.

His promising career took a twist in 2016.

Director Tiger
Director Tiger homeless

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“From 2010 to 2016, my career was at its peak; however, it became shaky in sometime in 2016 when I began dating.

I had been single while focusing on projects, but now I had to balance work and relationships. I wouldn’t want to point a finger, but I feel several artists were uncomfortable with me dating and still being on their projects.”

In December 2017, Tiger went on a rant claiming Shusho had been coercing him into a relationship with her then, and when he stood his ground, they had a fallout.

He went on to claim that, in retaliation, the Tanzanian star gospel singer confiscated his tools of the trade, which at the time, he had stashed at her house.

Before the fallout, Tiger’s popularity had grown, and he was said to be charging top dollar to the tune of Sh5000,000 for anyone who sought his services.

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For instance, for the Ning’are song video shot in Kilifi that introduced Shusho into the Kenyan market, Director Tiger claimed back in December 2017 that the budget was Sh700,000.

The singer now says he leaves a miserable life and is calling on all gospel artists he ever directed their videos to help him financially and enable him to jump-start his career once again.

“I am the firstborn of nine kids, and my family has depended on me, but as of now, things are not good.

I am homeless because I could not raise the rent, my belongings were auctioned, and neither do I have a job.

Mine is a plea to all the artists I have ever worked with to support me financially and help me regain my foot kindly. I still can shoot, and I am very ready when needed.” Tiger pleads.

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