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Disbelief as first cousins enter into romantic relationship

Residents of Kiaithiga Village in Embu West Sub County have reacted in disbelief, after two first cousins started a love affair, insisting they want to be married.

The young man aged 23 and the girl, 17, have been living in the same room for the past six months, drawing the wrath of the community who believe that such relationships are taboo.

Their families say they have been trying in vain to end the relationship as the two have threatened to elope.

The fathers to the two are brothers.

Last weekend, incensed villagers stormed the home in a desperate attempt to separate the lovebirds after word went out that the girl had gone missing for one week, only to be found in the man’s hut.

The man escaped leaving behind the girl who has since dropped out of school.

Elders tried in vain to talk to the two to end the romantic relationship since they live in the same compound, a factor that had also strained relationship between the extended family.

Jacob Njiru, coordinator Peace Initiative community policing, Embu county led elders in trying to resolve the issue.

He said the affair had caused animosity between the two families as they have refused to heed to the call to terminate the relationship.

“The girl has already dropped out of school due to the relationship. It has also caused friction between the two families. We want to help them resolve the issues since they have a potential of causing a security breach,” said Mr Njiru.

According to the girl’s father, the relationship had lasted more than six months.

He said his daughter has been sneaking into the house of her cousin where they would spend the night together.

The man said he had tried to persuade his brother to prevail upon his son to end the relationship but it appeared as if they encouraged it.

“This is taboo since it goes against the norms and could bring us misfortunes. I have talked to my brother but he has not talked to his son. I think they are the ones who are encouraging him,” he regretted.

The girl said she the cousin had dragged her into the relationship.

She says she was out to assist him to quit smoking but the cousin took advantage.

“I don’t know what got into me and I feel as if I’m possessed by some spirits. I appeal for prayers so that the evil spirit can leave me,” she said, amid sobs.