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Distraught Nairobi man puts Sh50k reward for his missing cat

Might you by chance have spotted Regina, the missing cat?

You better have, because Regina’s concerned owner is willing to part with Sh50,000 to have the cat back.

In a paid up newspaper advert, the cat’s owner who identified himself as Dan explained that Regina was last seen on August 12, 2018 in Utawala.

He also offered a telephone number and email address in the event anyone spots Regina.

“Regina is friendly, hungry and frightened. Please call her and offer her food and leave food so she will return,” explained Dan in the advert published on Wednesday.

Regina has black, white and greyish features.


Dan also shared telephone contacts of Andy Veterinary clinic in the advert, adding that anyone who spots Regina could alternatively contact the veterinary officers ‘who will send a humane carrier to come and retrieve her’.