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Divorce party: Amira addresses all the drama and scandal involving ex, Jamal

Entrepreneur and socialite Amira held an Instagram live session on Friday, March 10, 2023, where she laid bare her side of the story in the ongoing drama between herself and her ex-husband, Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi.

The former couple have been trading accusations online regarding their failed marriage and the accusations revolved around Jimal being toxic, domestically violent, her miscarriage following his beating, his infidelity, her alleged bitterness over his stopping the child support payments and how his family treated her.

During the Instagram live session, Amira made the following announcements and revelations:

  1. She was now planning on undergoing a liposuction surgery after Jimal lied that she went to Turkey where she underwent procedures that helped her lose 36 kilos. This off-the-cuff announcement was met by applause by her followers who then demanded she pin her mobile money Paybill number for them to send their support. During the live session, Amira kept remarking how people were sending her huge amounts of money and wondered why some of them were sending big money.
  2. She revealed that Jimal has done everything bad to her including body shaming her; and felt that the only thing he was left to do was to kill her. She said she felt unsafe because he has a gun.
  3. She revealed that Jimal was projecting his insecurities on her and said that he was the one who went to Turkey to have hair transplant procedures to curb and fix his receding hairline.
  4. Their two sons stay with either parent for one month at a time since they went their separate ways but she feels that this living situation destabilizes them mentally.
  5. When asked how many known children Jimal has, Amira laughed and said, “let me not talk about it.”
  6. She said she planned on asking Jimal for the three talaqs (instant divorce). According to Al Jazeera, a Muslim man can simply divorce his wife by simply uttering “talaq” three times. However, Amira already has court documents too that show that she and Jimal divorced.
  7. Amira revealed that what hurt her most in her dramatic marriage was the manner in which Jimal’s family used to treat her, and how they especially packed her clothes when it was decided that she would leave their matrimonial home. “Walipack na madharau,” said Amira.
  8. As she left the house to start over, Jimal refused with majority of her home furnishings and property including her kitchenware and decor. She claimed that he only sent her a few of her things and lied when he said he sent two lorries packed with her things to her new house.
  9. To date, Jimal has refused to hand over her things; his mother is currently enjoying Amira’s property in the matrimonial home. She also said she did not consider them to be her in-laws anymore.
  10. She also accused Jimal of knowing nothing about religion, saying he only cared about Islam when it concerned something that would benefit him. She also called him out for owning and promoting a betting firm contrary to the Islamic faith.
  11. Amira said she has no problems with Michelle Wangari Thiongo, Jimal’s employee and latest baby mama who recently gave birth to their child, because they began dating when she and Jimal had already parted ways unlike how he behaved with influencer Amber Ray.
  12. When asked about Jimal’s ‘game’, she laughed saying she could not even remember what his game was like and insinuated that he couldn’t even go for one hour. She also told her fans that the best people to ask about Jimal’s game were the, “new comers.”
  13. Amira announced that she would soon be hosting her own divorce party and invited her fans and critics to come and smoke sheesha and dance the night away with her.
  14. She also said she would consider going to therapy after all the trauma Jimal, his women and his family had subjected her to.
  15. Amira announced that she intended to date again because humans were not created to live alone.
  16. Her advice to women who are/have gone through what she went to was that “It’s not bad to build with a man. Just because Jimal was bad with me doesn’t mean that there are no good men out there to build with.”