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Divorcees Hassan Joho, Ali Kiba vibe to song celebrating ‘no need for love’

By Winnie Mabel February 28th, 2023 2 min read

A week ago, Tanzanian bongo star Ali Kiba released his latest song, Mahaba, which sang about how its better to love freely without falling in love. Loosely translated, Ali Kiba sang to women telling them that there is no true love these days and that the love that used to last until death tore a couple apart no longer exists.

He also sang that today’s love is tiresome and only breaks hearts; and his belief is that one should only love the person who gave birth to them.

Apparently, love made Ali Kiba cry daily and made him stop eating to the point of dying, being buried and rotting; but was able to rise again with a new belief system because love had made him suffer.

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He now believes that, since he is not a visitor to love and its bad effects, one should prefer to be single and ‘love women’ with notable soft attributes and not commit to any of them. This kind of love, according to the song, was what made his heart skip a beat now because it was like food to him and he must eat.

“The song Mahaba tells a story about how love life story, more about the outcomes of the love story, and insisting the no need of not falling in love but to feel free loving any,” Ali Kiba’s team captioned the video on his official YouTube channel.



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Following the release of the song, Ali Kiba and one of his best friends, former Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho  created TikTok videos to participate in a challenge where they sang along to the song.

The duo has been close for years and Joho has been rumored to lavishly spend on Ali Kiba and other Tanzanian bongo singers.

The song is an anthem for men hurt by love and their resolutions to never commit to women. It, therefore, intrigued their fans that Joho and Kiba could vibe to the song in the wake of their scandalous divorces from their wives, Italian Madina Giovanni and Kenyan Amina Khalef, respectively.

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Madina Giovanni filed for divorce from Hassan Joho after 12 years of marriage amid claims of him being unfaithful, abandoning their marital home and allegedly not supporting their daughters. The former governor was also subject of gossip sites about his alleged spending time with several different women.

Amina Khalef, on the other hand, filed for divorce from Ali Kiba after his attempts to reconcile them hit a brick wall. According to Khalef, Ali Kiba had been unfaithful, she wasn’t provided with a safe home environment in her Dar-es-Salaam home and endured verbal abuse from her in-laws.

The couple share one child, but Ali Kiba has several other children with different women.

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