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Diwali Festival fireworks strictly between 7-11 PM, Hindu faithful told

By Winnie Mabel October 21st, 2022 2 min read

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining in Kenya, on October 21, 2022, issued a public notice to the Hindu faithful regarding the use of fireworks during their Diwali and New Year celebrations scheduled to take place between October 22 and October 24, 2022.

“The festivities are traditionally celebrated with fireworks in authorized venues. Consequently, the Hindu community is requested to ensure that firework displays are carried out within the requirements of the Explosives Act, Cap 115 of the Laws of Kenya,” read the gazette public notice issued by Acting Cabinet Secretary Dr Monica Juma.

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The notice also required those celebrating the festival to carry out their displays in a manner that did not inconvenience the public; and issued necessities that had to be met by those celebrating.

“The displays are to be held between 0700hrs and 2300hrs only during the authorized dates; and only qualified, experienced and sober persons shall be allowed to fire aeriel shells,” read the notice in part.

Display shells were also limited to a maximum of four-inch calibre in all venues in urban and built-up areas except as an Inspector General of Explosives may be exempted in writing.

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Fireworks in the city centre. PHOTO | NATION | KANYIRI WAHITO

Those who want to display fireworks during these celebrations were also required to seek the necessary permits from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nyeri.

The notice also limited the fireworks display to venues such as clubs, hotels, temples, sports grounds, school compounds or other venues authorized by an Inspector of Explosives.

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Nairobi welcomes the new year in majestic style with an array of fireworks at Uhuru Park in the early hours of Monday. PHOTO | KANYIRI WAHITO
Nairobi welcomes the new year in majestic style with an array of fireworks at Uhuru Park in the early hours of Monday. PHOTO | KANYIRI WAHITO

National Geographic explains Diwali as the Festival of Lights, the biggest and most important holiday for Indians and the Hindu faithful in a year.

The festival is a time for the Hindu faithful to celebrate new beginnings after good triumphed over evil, and the light triumphed over darkness- they decorate their homes and other establishments with oil lamps during this 5-day celebration that always coincides with their New Year.

The festival is regarded as very important to the Hindu faithful, just as how Christians highly regard Christmas.

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