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DJ Alemba: I wasn’t deported from the US

August 22nd, 2017 1 min read

Self-proclaimed gospel hype-master DJ Alemba has rubbished claims that he was deported from the United States, stating that he decided to come back out on his volition to ‘save’ the ‘ailing’ Kenyan gospel industry.

DJ Alemba left for the land of ‘milk and honey’ at the height of his success under the System Unit Entertainment Label, which he Co owns with DJ Moh.

He settled in St Louisiana, for four years before relocating back to Kenya in April last year.

According to the hype man, better known for his stage antics rather than his music, life was all good in the US but after observing the Kenya gospel industry while away, he says, he realized not enough strides were being made.


The hype-man claims that is when he decided to return home and implement the “new and fresh ideas” he had learnt abroad.

“I have heard this rumors and it really tickles me, but as a matter of fact, I am an American citizen as well as Kenyan. My papers are all good and I can travel whenever I want to. I decided to come back to help take the gospel industry to another level because I can clearly see nothing much has changed,” DJ Alemba told Nairobi News.

“To date, those that I left behind, topping the chats the likes of DJ Moh, and DJ Sadic are still the very same ruling the game. I jetted back with so many fresh and new ideas that I will be implementing in collaboration with DJ Moh and be rest assured of witnessing a new revolution in the game.”

Since jetting back, DJ Alemba has been busy releasing collabos and is currently riding on his latest ragga riddim jam ‘Hide and Seek’ featuring Hope Kid.