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DJ Bones, ex-lover chats unsettle Kamene Goro

Media personality Kamene Goro has expressed her disappointment upon discovering her husband, DJ Bonez, is still in contact with one of his ex-lovers.

The revelation came to light during the latest episode of Kamene and Obinna’s YouTube channel, where they discussed the topic of whether it is appropriate for couples to maintain contact with their former partners after moving on to new relationships.

Kamene candidly raised her concerns, stating that her husband was still in touch with his ex-girlfriend, and what troubled her was the amicable nature of their relationship.

She said she felt uneasy about the apparent empathy her husband showed towards his ex-partner.

“They are amicable, which I don’t like,” Kamene said.

DJ Bonez then posed a scenario to Obinna, inquiring whether he would deny assistance if his ex-partner requested a favor related to networking or connections.

“Suppose someone asks for help, not necessarily money or anything, but just says, ‘I need a connection to someone.’ Would you refuse to connect them?” DJ Bonez questioned.

Kamene shared an incident that fueled her suspicions, narrating how she noticed her husband interacting with his ex-lover on social media during a meeting they were attending.

This discovery left her feeling unsettled and led to a strained conversation between the couple that evening.

“During a meeting, we were all on our phones. I saw him on DMs and recognized the name. After an hour and a half, I asked him about the name of his ex-girlfriend, and he confirmed it. That’s when I stopped talking that night,” she disclosed.

The following day, Kamene decided to address the issue directly by texting DJ Bonez to discuss the matter further.

In a previous episode of their YouTube channel, DJ Bonez had shared his past experiences, revealing that he had a girlfriend after his baby mama for a period of two years before Kamene Goro entered his life.

Kamene also opened up about her own struggles with DJ Bonez’s toxic baby mama, recalling instances when the woman’s friends would call into her radio show just to insult her.

Kamene Goro and DJ Bones recently tied the knot at a lavish wedding attended by close friends and relatives.

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