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DJ Dibul proposed to actress Dorea Chege with Sh50k ring

By Sinda Matiko February 13th, 2023 2 min read

They say Instagram is full of aesthetics, with many living fake lives, but when I met actress Dorea Chege recently at a city saloon, love was written all over her face when DJ Dibulpopped in to check on her. It felt real.

“Niaje mrembo, I hope sijakuweka sana,” DJ Dibul remarked as the Maria TV series star sheepishly blushed.

Actress Dorea Chege.
Actress Dorea Chege.

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For months now, the love couples have been documenting their love escapade on social media, inviting both love and hate in equal measure. Some even insinuate the couple could be faking for business purposes.

Well, for a couple who have now grown a thick skin to such negative assumptions and comments, including ‘Mtaachana tuu’, they choose to cherish every single day of their love.

On Sunday, the couple left Nairobi for a one-week Valentine’s vacation to Dubai.

“I felt we badly needed this trip just to be alone with her and I . Since we went public with our love life so much has been happening. Besides, we have been so busy getting little time to spend together. The trip will offer us quality time together as we plan our future,” DJ Dibul explained.

The trip, which is the first of the couple’s vacation outside the country, comes just a month after DJ Dibul went down on one knee at a colourful event and proposed as close friends and family witnessed.

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Actress Dorea Chege. PHOTO: COURTESY

DJ Dibul slid a shiny diamond ring into Dorea’s finger, which the actress kept caressing every few seconds.

“How much is that?” I implore DJ Dibul.

Dorea smiles.

“Well that I won’t say, but I can assure you it’s an expensive ring, I boughtfrom Dubai.”
Pressing further, he caves in.

“So that  we let this rest, just know I coughedmore than Sh50,000.”

With the engagement, DJ Dibul says he is now looking forward to marrying Dorea, something he is sure of, just that he doesn’t know when.

“I don’t want to rush because I want to follow all the process until we get there. Proposing was the first step.”

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