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DJ Evolve: Father reveals son’s hopeful recovery (Exclusive)

By Winnie Mabel September 1st, 2022 2 min read

John Orinda, the father to Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve spoke to Nairobi News on Thursday, September 1, 2022, regarding his son’s health and the family’s wellbeing as they prepare to mark the first anniversary since the passing of Mama Mary Hongo in September 2022.

According to Mr Orinda, Evolve is doing well health-wise and continues to receive physiotherapy after having to undergo three surgeries in the past two years since the tragic shooting incident.

“He is doing well but is still living an assisted life. He is also starting to feel his legs but he cannot walk yet.

Right now, he is being taught how to sit down but continues to be assisted in feeding. It is good that he can now eat solid foods,” said Mr Orinda.

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Evolve’s father also revealed that Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino, continues to help them financially with a large chunk of the funds going to Evolve’s treatment plans.

“He is still helping; he has been arranging for my son’s treatment. Anything I ask of him, he does without raising questions.

However, I don’t go to him all the time for everything because I also have to take care of my son as his father and provider,” added Mr Orinda.

Evolve’s father also said that his son still dreams of returning to the deejay booth and has been purchasing new equipment as he hopes to get back on his feet soon.

The Orinda family is also planning the memorial service of Mama Mary and it has been scheduled for October 2022.

Asked about how Evolve and the rest of the family have been coping with her absence, Mr Orinda said, “I advised Evolve to forget about her in the meantime and focus on recovering and prepare for his life ahead.”

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He also said that the family was faring well and didn’t see much to complain about despite their circumstances.

As his father, Mr Orinda expressed hopes for his son’s recovery, saying he, “just needed him (Evolve) to fully recover and after this, I will then focus on how to steer our family ahead.”

DJ Evolve was involved in a shooting incident in which Babu Owino was accused of shooting him in the neck during a night out at a popular city club.

The incident was captured on CCTV in January 2020 and it left Evolve fighting for his life, and was later paralyzed and bedridden.

Aside from footing the medical bills, Babu was also offered to buy Evolve a house.

Today, he is an upbeat young man if his social media postings are anything to go by and he has been promoting the club, where he was resident deejay, that set up an event dubbed ‘Evolve Thursdays’ to celebrate him.

“Inching closer to recovery, but first…come thru and support a brother,” wrote Evolve in his latest social media update.

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