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DJ Fatxo explains the state of Jeff’s body after alleged fall

DJ Fatxo has revealed how he saw a lifeless body in the car park, which he later discovered was that of his friend Jeff Mwathi.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, DJ Fatxo spoke for the first time about the events surrounding the day Jeff Mwathi died a few hours after spending time with him.

Fatxo stressed that he was not at the apartment when the unfortunate incident occurred and the victim’s body fell from the 10th floor.

Jeff Mwathi, Redwood Apartments where he met his death in DJ Fatxo's apartment.
Jeff Mwathi, Redwood Apartments where he met his death in DJ Fatxo’s apartment. PHOTO| COURTESY

Narrating the sequence of events, he explained that he had driven the three women who were in his apartment back  to their homes.

One of them, Faith Mutanu, had an early shift so he dropped her off just before 5am.

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Feeling hungry, Fatxo decided to buy some mandazi, but ended up dozing off in his car because he was highly intoxicated.

The DJ said he woke up around 9am and returned to his apartment.

To his surprise, the doorman asked him to register, which was unusual given that he lived there.

The doorman then informed him that someone had fallen from the top floor of the block and that the police were present.

Narrating his experience, Fatxo said: “When I arrived back at my residence, the doorman informed me of an incident where someone had fallen from the 12th floor. This came as a shock to me and I learned that the police were already on the scene.

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Faith Mutanu, Jeff Mwathi and DJ Fatxo.
Faith Mutanu, Jeff Mwathi and DJ Fatxo. PHOTO| COURTESY

Fatxo said he followed the doorman’s instructions and went to register. On his way to the car park, he saw the body from a distance.

He described the head as severely injured, with some contents protruding and scattered beside the body, which left him feeling frightened.

On reaching his flat, Fatxo met his cousin and driver and told them that he had seen the body downstairs, not knowing that it was Jeff’s.

“I told them that the person was probably killed by those who live on the 12th floor. Those were my exact words; that the person was probably killed because he did not have his trousers on,” Fatxo said as part of his narrative.

During the interview, Fatxo also told the story of how he first met Jeff Mwathi. He explained that a businesswoman named Faith introduced them.

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