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DJ Fatxo now advises partners to ensure they both have steady sources of income

By Sammy Waweru February 21st, 2023 2 min read

Mugithii artiste DJ Fatxo is now calling on couples in relationships or marriages to ensure each one has a source of income to avoid disappointments.

In a Facebook post, DJ Fatxo said disappointments in a union erupts are more likely to occur if one party solely depends on another financially.

This kind of dependency, according to the DJ, results in disrespect hence the need for partners to have an activity generating income.

“To avoid any sort of disrespect, disappointment and regret, please make your own money. It also stops a lot of nonsense and expectations,” the DJ wrote.

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Lately, DJ Fatxo, whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna Waguru, has been using his social media platform to offer relationship and marriage advice.

DJ Fatxo’s latest remarks comes shortly after he made another controversial post, where he urged men to marry women who are working or have stable jobs. DJ Fatxo also claimed that most women quit marriage after success comes their way.

“Young men marry women who are at least working or are in stable jobs. You will marry a jobless lady alafu akipata job anagundua kumbe you are not even her type… ni umaskini tu ilikuwa inamsumbua.!” he wrote.

However, the post seems not to have go down well with some of his fans.

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Among DJ Fatxo’s most popular hits is Ndi Mang’a (I am drunk), Uthoni (dowry), Kuuma Na Ngori (There was trouble) and Tuinuke Twi Kong’o (We go home while drunk).

From his photo album online, the DJ is captured with fellow Mugithii star, Samuel Muchoki famously known as Samidoh.

Samidoh’s marriage is seemingly at the crossroads following his illicit affair with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu with whom he has two children.

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