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DJ Fatxo reveals Samidoh’s involvement in Jeff Mwathi’s case

Popular Mugithi artiste, DJ Fatxo, has revealed more details about the tragic death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi in his apartment. During an exclusive interview on Radio Jambo, DJ Fatxo provided insight into the events of that fateful day and revealed the involvement of fellow artiste and police officer, Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu aka Samidoh.

The deceased was Samidoh’s nephew and Samidoh has been actively involved in the case. Fatxo disclosed that Samidoh had visited him at his house with detectives shortly after Jeff’s death. Samidoh played a crucial role in shedding light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Jeff’s passing.

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One of the puzzling aspects of the case was the narrative surrounding the window through which Jeff allegedly jumped. Authorities requested Samidoh to attempt fitting through the window, given his slender frame.

Surprisingly, he managed to squeeze through the narrow space, further fueling speculation and raising questions about the original story.

During the interview, Fatxo recounted the incident, saying, “Samidoh came to my house after Jeff’s death. The police requested, since he was skinny, that he tries going through my window and see if he would fit, and he did.”

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The interview took an emotional turn when Jeff’s mother was contacted, and her perspective on the matter was revealed.

Despite Fatxo being cleared of the murder allegations, Jeff’s mother firmly stated that her son did not take his own life. She asserted that if Jeff had intended to commit suicide, he would have done so at their own home. She expressed her frustration over what she termed as a cover-up.

“If my son was to commit suicide, he would have done so at home. Why did those people who remained at home not go and make a report? The story is being covered up, even a child can see so. I have nothing to talk to him (DJ Fatxo) about, plus he cannot bring Jeff back to life,” the mother said. call.

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