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DJ Fatxo: Why I did not attend Jeff Mwathi’s burial

Mugiithi singer DJ Fatxo has revealed why he did not attend Jeff Mwathi’s burial.

During an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, DJ Fatxo, the renowned Mugiithi singer, opened up about his absence at Jeff Mwathi’s burial.

Fatxo expressed his fear of attending the burial due to the altered narrative perpetuated by bloggers, which could potentially result in harm.

He mentioned that his mother had contacted singer Samidoh, asking him to intervene and facilitate Fatxo’s presence at the burial, but it seemed like the family was not receptive.

“My mother tried to call the family through Samidoh, (Jeff’s uncle) but the family seemed to be blocking me.”

When asked if he had spoken to Jeff’s mother directly, Fatxo admitted that he did not have access to her.

He also claimed that he was denied access to Jeff’s family following the incident.

“The family has already formed their conclusion that I am responsible for their son’s demise. I have never mustered the courage to contact her. The news spread rapidly, and I am aware that she still harbors resentment.”

He explained that following Mwathi’s passing, the police and Samidoh (Mwathi’s uncle) visited his residence.

“After Jeff’s demise, Samidoh came to my house. The police requested him, as he was thin, to attempt entering through my window to see if he could fit, and he succeeded,”  Fatxo alleged.

During the interview, Fatxo also shared the story of how he first met Jeff Mwathi.

He explained that a businesswoman named Faith Mutanu had introduced them.

Fatxo operated a Deejay school near Zetech University and was involved in the sale of popular items like shoes and clothes.

He had plans to relocate the Deejay school to Kamaki’s but didn’t have Jeff’s contact until January 2023.

Fatxo had reached out to Faith Mutanu to obtain Jeff’s number, coinciding with a challenging period for Jeff’s shop due to the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jeff reportedly died after falling from the 10th floor of an apartment rented by DJ Fatxo in February 2023.

Ann Mwathi, the mother of the late Jeff Mwathi, said in her TikTok live that she was still disappointed that her son did not find the justice he required despite the probe by government authorities.

“They will never know peace. Anyone who took part in my son’s death, will never have people. The passing of my son was agonizing, and the pain will forever haunt me. I will never find closure from his untimely departure,” she expressed.

In a previous interview with Nairobi News, Jeff’s mum Wacuka said the detectives told her that there was insufficient evidence to support the theory that her son had been murdered.

She said she was also informed that Jeff was allegedly drunk at the time of his death, and Wacuka questioned how he could have managed to climb to the 12th floor of the apartment building.

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