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DJ Makena pleads with govt to allow artists to perform

DJ Pierra Makena has expressed her frustrations after an event she’d planned at Park ‘n’ Chill was cancelled by the authorities owing to Covid-19 related protocols.

Park n chill is an outdoor event where revellers show up with their cars and relax while enjoying some great music mixes from the DJ.

In her post on Instagram, Pierra acknowledged the existence of Covid-19 but stressed she adhered to all protocols laid down by the government while planning for these social events.

She also noted that even with the pandemic, people, especially creatives and artists must find a way to survive.

In the midst of the pandemic, Pierra wants the government to make everyone part of the solution and not frustrate their efforts.

“Kenyans are killing themselves because they don’t have a solution. Wakenya hawajakataa corona iko….they are just tired and frustrated. We want to be part of the solution, she explained.

Adding: But don’t tell us to stay home and wear our masks only!! Tell us where we will get our food tomorrow. It’s been long.”

She also appeared to hit out at the measures police were taking to curb the spread of the virus.

“So I do a peaceful event following all Covid protocols and then tomorrow you arrest me and throw me in a police truck 200 of us?? and in a small cell 200 of us??? Where is the social distancing you keep preaching??? Can we be real???,” she wrote.

The govt has clamped down on social events and entertainment joints among other gatherings as it seeks to avoid another spike in positive Covid-19 cases.