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DJ Mo explains why he has three househelps

Samuel Muraya, commonly known as DJ Mo in entertainment circles, has shared his profound commitment to providing for his two children with the best possible upbringing.

“Every dad has to be there for their children, whether the wife is good or not. The kids are innocent human beings. They don’t even need to feel that you are not together with their mother,” he said.

“I love my kids to death and I would do anything for them. I do not know how to say no to my kids. I want to give them everything that I did not have. Not to spoil them,” DJ Mo continued, revealing his deep-rooted desire to offer his children a life filled with opportunities.

Opening up about his upbringing and the aspirations he holds for his children, he candidly shared:

“I have a problem with loving TV too much and loving sugar. Those are two things I lacked while growing up. I have a very huge TV and even I put too much sugar in my tea. I am overcompensating. I want to spoil them in the best way.”

Ladasha Wambui, his daughter with Size 8 has caught the attention of Kenyans with her remarkable command of the English language, leaving many in awe of her linguistic prowess.

Addressing Ladasha’s impressive language skills, DJ Mo disclosed that he has actively pursued avenues for her language development.

“I also did not grow knowing how to speak English. I told them to speak that English. Our house manager is a teacher with a diploma. We have three house helps. One for cleaning, one for the kids, and a day bug. The one who stays with them, teaches them English,” he shared.

The discussion also touched on Ladasha’s exposure to music and technology.

“My daughter understands we are famous, but my son is still young,” DJ Mo revealed.

He also outlined his aspirations for Ladasha’s technological growth, stating,

“She loves music and she is a Tech person. I am planning for her to start coding.”

As for their son Junior, DJ Mo playfully revealed his future aspirations:

“Junior will be a Safari Rally driver. He loves cars too much.” His dedication to supporting his children’s unique interests was evident as he expressed his willingness to stand by their choices.

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