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DJ Msabato reveals Diamond’s disapproval of Whozu, Mbosso’s banned collabo

A DJ who was featured in the controversial video of the “Ameyatimba Remix” by Whozu, Billnass, and Mbosso has shed light on the behind-the-scenes drama before its release.

The popular Tanzanian DJ revealed that Diamond Platnumz did not approve the video before its release.

In the wake of the National Arts Council (BASATA) ordering the video’s removal and issuing penalties to the artists involved, DJ Msabato disclosed that Diamond had strongly objected to the release of the song.

However, the three artists decided to go ahead with it against his wishes.

“We made this video a long time ago, about two or three months ago, but due to concerts, it was delayed. I was also told that Biggie [Diamond] had refused two or three times for it to come out, but I don’t know why it came out,” DJ Msabato explained.

Delving into more detail, he provided insights into why Diamond may have opposed the song’s release, saying:

“There are some scenes that were not good. So I think that also contributed to the rejection, and probably Diamond rejected it.”

The scene that reportedly stirred controversy and garnered Diamond’s disapproval involved the depiction of a sexual assault.

DJ Msabato expressed concerns that the video failed to make it clear that the depicted actions were not supportive of violence against women but rather a dramatic portrayal.

After the artists decided to release the video despite Diamond’s reservations, DJ Msabato, who works at a radio station, noted that they anticipated it would lead to moral issues and draw the attention of BASATA.

The artists have also been fined three million Tanzanian Shillings each (about Sh150,000) and suspended from engaging in artistic activities for three months, starting from November 4, 2023.

This disciplinary action was a response to their involvement in the controversial song ‘Ameyatimba’ by fellow artist Whozu (@whozu_), which BASATA alleges has violated ethical standards and crossed the line in terms of content.

In a related development, Whozu has been directed to promptly remove the video of his song ‘Ameyatimba’ from all digital platforms.

Additionally, Whozu has received a fine of three million Tanzanian Shillings and a six-month suspension from his involvement in artistic activities, starting from the same date, November 4, 2023.

BASATA disclosed that Whozu released the video for the song on November 2, 2023, featuring guest appearances by the suspended artists, Mbosso and Bill Nass.

The song’s content has raised concerns due to elements suggestive of offensive language, contravening Regulation 25(6)(j), and depicting actions of abuse, cruelty, and a violation of women’s dignity, in violation of Regulation 25(6)-(f).

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