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DJ Pierra: How I lost 27kgs without ever hitting the gym

Three weeks ago, popular entertainer and media personality DJ Pierra Makena set social media into a frenzy after she posted pictures of her impressive weight loss.

The photos showed the tremendous transformation of the 39-year-old, after she managed to shed 27kgs, weight she gained during and after her pregnancy.


She dropped from 95kgs to now 65kgs, having lost a further 2kgs in the last one week.

DJ Makena has now revealed that her weight loss is not a result of sweating it out in the gym.

As a matter of fact, she says, breastfeeding her daughter Ricca Pokot, who is now three and half years old, is the secret to her tremendous weight loss.

“I actually breastfed her (the baby) for three years. I lost weight through breastfeeding and watching diet. I can honestly say I never hit the gym even though I took pictures looking like I was working out, but I did not. Just breastfeeding and watching what I eat,” DJ Makena said.


DJ Makena revelation comes in response to her fans who have for so long sought to know how she managed to lose so much weight.

Initially, she remained silent on the matter even as some of her fans fell for news that she had been working out to shed the extra weight.

The DJ also said she has in the past been the subject of cyberbullying over her weight.

“People used to cyberbully me because they didn’t know where I was coming from. I had to add weight because I did not have enough to carry my baby,” she explained.