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DJ Pierra Makena exposes her fake friends

Kenyan disc jockey Pierra Makena has opened up about her fake friends. In a post on her Instagram stories, Makena, who doubles up as an actress and a media personality, recounted two incidents when one her s friends celebrated her misfortunes and did not acknowledge her wins.

For illustration, she shared two pictures, one capturing her in what was widely viewed perceived as “indecent” exposure and another one showing her dressed “better”.

“When the upper picture was trending, my friends sent it to me, reposted, sent it other people, hated behind my back, questioned me about it and tried to make it look bad… today when bottom one was trending very few have responded no sending to WhatsApp groups, no congratulations, no forwarding it to clients, no concern at all,” she said.

It is worth noting that DJ Pierra shared the “indecent” picture after she had berated female DJs over what she termed as selling nudity over experience.

DJ Pierra has further claimed that some of her friends would never bail her out if she had pressing need.

“I have humans in my life who will never recommend me for a job even if the decision was in their hands. I have humans who would fuel a fake story trend just to make sure it puts me down,” she wrote.