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DJ Pierra Makena waltzes out of self-quarantine

Kenya’s top female DJ Pierra Makena has finally completed the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine to be sure she did not contract Covid-19 during her travel to the US.

Makena took to her Instagram page to express her gratitude to God for keeping her safe from the deadly Coronavirus.

She went into isolation on March 22, immediately on landing back in the country from a working trip int he United States.

During her 14-day isolation the DJ, through her Instagram posts, revealed it was a very difficult time for her because she could not see her daughter.

“Felt better yesterday. Still can’t sleep at night. I spoke to my baby, and she is not taking it well. It’s terrible. I feel bad that I can’t see her yet. Staying in the house is weird, though, but thanks to my friends who have been checking up and even coming downstairs to wave at me????? crazy uh!?” wrote Pierra Makena.

With the two week isolation over, Makena was happy she could finally see her daughter, family members and friends without fear of putting their lives in danger.

She expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her while in quarantine.

“Yay!!! Guys, we did it!!! ??? Thank you for standing with me throughout my 14 days of self-quarantine. It wasn’t easy, but God saw me through I’m in perfect health. Thank God he kept me safe and away from the virus. Thank you, MOH, for your guidance throughout the days,” shared the disc jockey.

She advised people to stay safe and follow the necessary guidelines to avoid getting infected and should anyone exhibit symptoms, they should self-isolate and get tested.

“My advice…stay safe. Do everything possible to avoid the infection. And if you feel any symptom…quickly isolate, get tested, and get to your road for recovery. I can see my baby/family and a few of my friends without fear. BLESS YOU, ALL AND THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. WATCH OUT FOR THE EVICTION PARTY,” added the DJ.