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DJ president launches drink that ‘cures and prevents coronavirus’

Madagascar president DJ Andry Rajoelina has launched a new organic drink which he claims cures and prevents coronavirus.

President Rajoelina posted on Twitter saying that Covid-Organics, the name of the drink, will be distributed free of charge to vulnerable persons in his country and sold at a low price to others.

The WHO has not approved any cure or vaccine for the virus.

Covid-Organics is made from a combination of traditional medicine and modern sciences to create an improved traditional remedy.

It contains Artemisia and endemic plants which are helpful in curing and preventive against Covid-19.

“Since its creation by Pr Ratsimamanga, IMRA has developed more than 50 products by combining traditional medicine & modern sciences. Covid-Organics, an improved traditional remedy based on artemisia & endemic plants, curative & preventive against # Covid19, is launched,” tweeted President Rajoelina.

He went on: “The Covid-Organics will be distributed free of charge to our most vulnerable compatriots and sold at very low prices to others. All profits will be donated to IMRA to fund scientific research. Let us believe in our ability to cope and move forward.”

Madagascar has recorded a total of 121 cases of coronavirus and no deaths as a result of the disease.