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Dj Prince cries out for help after landlord evicts him, seizes his belongings

Nairobi based DJ Prince has cried out for assistance after he was evicted from his rented house by his landlord, who also took away all his belongings, over rent arrears.

DJ Prince said he was seeking legal and financial help saying the landlord evicted him without notice and while he was away.

In a video he posted on his social media pages, DJ Prince said he had gone to visit his brother and on returning he found his house empty.

“I’ve been away for a while, I went to visit my little brother last week on Wednesday…I come back and find my things had been packed and stowed away by the caretaker following the landlord’s directive,” he said.

The DJ admitted that he had not paid rent for a number of months due to the effects of Covid-19 in the entertainment industry, which had seen him go for months without gigs.

“Hizi ni effects za Covid. I had some arrears, I have not been working for many months this year,” Prince said.

However, he felt that the landlord did not follow the legal procedures in executing an eviction.

“Help me understand, is it within the law for them to remove my household items and lock them up while I’m away?” he posed.

The DJ, who also works as a graphic designer and animator, further appealed to his clients to pay him his dues for work he did for them and the payment has been pending for a while.

“If you happen to owe me money, please sort me out. Apart from being a Dj, I’m a graphic designer and an animator. There are around five jobs I’ve done for several companies but I haven’t been paid a cent. This is what happens when you fail to pay creatives on time. Anyone who is willing to help reach out,” he concluded.


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