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DJ Shiti: The day I sent my dad’s friend a love message by mistake

Renowned stand-up comedian DJ Shiti has revealed how he once sent a Valentine’s Day love message to his father’s friend by mistake.

According to DJ Shiti, the embarrassing incident happened after he borrowed his dad’s phone to send a love message to his girlfriend.

“At that time I had no phone but because it was Valentine’s Day, I had to send a love message to my girlfriend. So I borrowed my dad’s phone and I crafted a message telling the lady how much I love her and wish to squeeze her tight in my arms. But instead of sending the message to her, I mistakenly sent it to my father’s friend,” DJ Shiti recounted.

According to the comedian, his father’s friend then called his dad to enquire why he had sent him the message.

“My dad received his friend’s call only to be informed of the love message that I had sent to him. My dad apologized and informed the friend that I was the one who sent him the love message mistakenly,” said the comedian whose real name is Steven Oduor Dede.

Earlier this year, DJ Shiti’s baby mama Faiza Hussein accused the comedian of abdicating his role as a father and that he has never shown interest in being in their daughter’s life.