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DJs arrested as police raid clubs in noisy Kilimani

Seven disc jockeys were over the weekend arrested in Nairobi in a crackdown targeting nightclubs playing loud music.
The entertainers were picked from different nightclubs in Nairobi’s Kilimani area during the operation dubbed ‘Punguza Muziki’, whose aim is to curb noise pollution in the city.
The arrested DJs include Bernard Kipruto from Tamasha Restaurant, Samuel Chamba (Gemini), Rich Wambua (Blackies), Dan Max (Cavalli), Emmanuel Munezi (Ashaki), Felix Odhiambo (Casavera), and Marvin Odhiambi (Jiweke Tavern).
Police say the deejays will remain in custody awaiting arraignment on Monday for violating laws that prescribe residents’ rights to peaceful and quiet neighbourhoods.
DJ Focus, who was among deejays arrested in a similar operation in Kilimani last weekend, accused police officers of harassing entertainers.
“Last night I was arrested while in the middle of my set for “playing loud music in a club”. I was confused & angered coz it was abrupt w/ no warning & taken aggressively like I was a criminal,” DJ Focus wrote on Twitter.
The police action comes after several unsuccessful attempts by residents and the Kilimani Project Foundation to engage with club owners on the management of their patrons, excessive noise levels and operating hours. This included reporting 28 clubs to the authorities, requests for dialogue and resident’s rights clinics since the lifting of the curfew.
Irungu Houghton, board member of Kilimani Project Foundation said that residents across the country have moved to the Environment and Land Court and the Constitutional and Human Rights Courts have ruled in favour of residents’ constitutional rights to dignity, privacy, peace and a quiet environment.
“While remaining open to dialogue with the seven clubs and their resident neighbours, Foundation reserves the right to undertake legal action against the seven clubs. The recent closure of B Club, Kizza, Explorer and the Space Lounge and warrant of arrest against B-Club owner sets constitutional precedence against clubs that deliberately practice noise terrorism against their neighbours,” he said.