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DK Kwenye Beat: I would have died of depression, my wife saved me

Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat says he would have died of depression over a sex scandal were it not for his supporting wife Shanice Wangeci.

Fouryears ago, DK and fellow gospel singer Hopekid were hit by a sex scandal where it was alleged they had manipulated a young girl from Nakuru into having unconsented sex.

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous to this day, claimed to NTV that the two musicians infected her with the incurable sexual infections herpes and Human papillomavirus (HPV) after a threesome.

“I had released Kijana Wa Kayole, Kwa Yesu Mambo Sawa and a collabo Hajawahi Kuniangusha, which were all doing well. It was my comeback at the time. I had started attracting big shows. Everything looked promising. I was making money. Then the scandal hit,” DK recalled.

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And with the scandal, he became disoriented.

“That was the beginning of a new jungle. To date, things have never been the same again. I had never been involved in a scandal in my life and career. When it happened my wife wasn’t in the country. It blew out of proportion. I was in communication with my wife all the time but I never told her of the scandal,” he narrated.

“But when it hit the news on TV, my mother and Shanice both called me. Shanice wanted to hear my side of the story but I was reluctant at first. Then she said if ‘I am to walk with you through this jungle then I need to understand,'” DK says.

“When I told her, she said herpes isn’t malaria, it’s a virus that needs checking because it’s severe. So I did a test. She chose to stick with me when she had the option of walking away. I would be long gone, having died of depression were it not for the support of my wife.”

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To this day, DK insists the herpes was a false accusation.

Following the scandal that had the two artistes trend for days, DK Kwenye Beat took a sabbatical from music at a time his career was at its peak.

“Since 2019 I’ve been silent. It’s been actually five years since I ever had a show. I am no longer excited with performances like before,” DK said recently.

After making his comeback more recently, he can only thank his wife who stood by him during the entire period of shame.

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