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DK Kwenye Beat unveils the source behind lavish lifestyle

Despite the infamous sex scandal that had him go slow on his music, gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat continues to lead a lavish lifestyle that has now led to questions over the source of his money.

Some quarters on social media have claimed that DK is part of a con and ‘wash wash’ cartel that has also seen a number of gospel musicians such as Hopekid and Mash Mwana associated with.

Addressing the matter, DK Kwenye Beat has described the claims as laughable.

“These have been the claims that have been going round about gospel artistes not just me. The question has always been where are gospel artistes getting money yet they no longer seem to have as many shows as was the case before, which is true there aren’t as many shows in the gospel industry as before,” DK Kwenye Beat says.

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But DK insist lack of shows in the gospel industry isn’t the only source of income that gospel artiste really on to have a living.

“One thing people don’t understand is that, most of us ‘tulijipanga’. When we used to make money from music, many of us took on investments. Today people are beginning to see the fruits of our investments and now wonder where we are getting our money from. People should also remember we serve a living God, he can never forsake you,” DK adds.

DK music career was on an upward trajectory when it took an unexpected twist in March 2019 after a young woman from Nakuru emerged, accusing the ‘Asusu’ hit-maker and his friend Hopekid tricked her into having a threesome with them and in the process, infected her with an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

The prominent artist was disgraced for his actions and lost a number of deals, and as public pressure mounted, DK was forced to issue a public apology.

With the sting of the scandal, DK was forced to take a music hiatus and now says he is planning to become a preacher.

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