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Do not take rejection personally

Born 18th December 1946 in Ohio, Steven Spielberg one of Hollywood’s most successful movie directors was always fascinated with cameras and films as a child.

When he was eight years, he borrowed his father’s simple camera with which he began shooting films of anything that moved in front of him.

On holidays, he would make his family role play so that he could make a film.

It was not easy for him growing up. His family moved around a lot and his father was barely home.

When he came home, he and Steven’s mother fought a lot.

After high school, Steven was rejected by the University of South California School of Theater, Film and Television three times for his bad grades.

Eventually, he opted to attend school at a smaller institution.

He dropped out before the end of the course and hang around studios where films and television shows were being shot in a bid to grow his skills.

He hung around for months, being thrown from each set until finally, when he was 22, one of the directors agreed to see a movie he had shot.

He was made to shoot it two more times with different cameras before the directors agreed to watch it and they loved it giving him a seven-year contract.

Steven’s success story is one that shows passion and relentless determination.

Jedida Kagendo a life coach with VJHommes Solutions, says the other life lesson that this story teaches is not to take challenges personally.

When Steven was severally rejected by his university of choice, he did not take it personally or think that something was wrong with him.

He got creative and found a way around his predicament by settling for a less prestigious institution.

Instead of letting challenges in your path deter you, Jedida advises that you take them on.