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Doctor onboard helps woman give birth on Madaraka Express train

A doctor onboard the Madaraka Express Passenger Service on Wednesday helped a mother give birth to her baby while aboard the train bound for Mombasa.

The incredible delivery was made possible by the presence of Dr Indanyenyi Luseso with the assistance of SGR’s passenger attendant Mary Nyiha.

In a statement, Kenya Railways Corporation said as the train from Nairobi to Mombasa was approaching the coastal city the woman went into labour and required medical assistance.

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Staff onboard located a doctor and a nurse who went to the woman’s assistance.

“We were blessed to have Dr Indanyenyi Luseso onboard who performed the delivery, assisted by Ms Fauziya Lugogo, a nurse at the Kenyatta National Hospital and our Madaraka Express passenger attendant Mary Nyiha,” Kenya Railways tweeted.

Following the successful delivery, the mother and her newborn were immediately moved to Mariakani sub-county hospital for further medical care. Both mother and baby are reported to be in good health.

Separately, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) honoured a matatu driver and his tout who in May helped a passenger deliver safely by rerouting their Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

According to NTSA Head of Communications, Dido Guyatu the courage of the two demonstrated the highest level of compassion.

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“Their actions exemplified all the virtues of servant leadership and demonstrated the highest level of compassion,” Guyatu said.

For their selfless act, the sacco they work under, and NTSA rewarded them with mobile phones and other undisclosed goodies.

The driver said the woman boarded the vehicle at the Kenya Railways stage but later started showing signs of being unwell alarming other passengers in the matatu.

When the driver and tout realised that the woman had actually gone into labour, they alerted police officers on the route to help clear the way, enabling them to get the woman to hospital in time.

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