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Doctors orders: Why heels are not good for your health

By Janet Koech November 9th, 2022 2 min read

These are elegant shoes with a raised heel that raises the wearer’s heel above the ground and is mostly worn by women. Heels were first invented in the 10th century and the Persian army were the first people who ever wore heels in the history.

Since then, different types and designs have come up and most women seem to like the impression. Most women who wear heels have a specific type of heel that absolutely works for them.

When I wear heels, I feel curvier, fashionable, sexier and outstanding. Most women have different reasons as to why they put on heels. For some, heels boost their confidence and for others, especially for the short people, they wear heels to secure the insecurity of being too short because they find it as a relief.

Most women who wear heels have a specific type of heel that absolutely works for them. PHOTO | POOL

Most women who wear heels frequently tend to be “high heeled holics” and would crave for more and more heels, their shoe racks only comprise of heels and worse of all they put on heels every day. If you are this type of lady, have you ever stopped to asked yourself if wearing heels on a daily basis is good for your body? Despite heels giving you the right body posture, the sexy look and the confidence, there is a price to pay if worn too frequently.

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Most problems caused by wearing heels everyday might be long-term and others short-term, wearing heels everyday can cause pain on the ankles and the knee joints because heels alter their position for the reason that there is constant bending.

Another problem is the back, your back might experience some pain because heels decrease the spine’s ability to absorb shock leading to the pain, those who wear heels everyday can also testify of experiencing increased pressure at the ball of the foot because heels shifts your weight forward placing pressure.

Most women have different reasons as to why they put on heels. PHOTO | POOL

Dr Shadrack Kipchumba, speaking to Nairobi News, explained the effects of daily wearing of high-heels.

He also adviced pregnant women against wearing heels since they are already under the strain of pregnancy.

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“Wearing heels frequently puts immense pressure on the spine which can affect the overall bone structure and posture of women over a period of time, they create an anomalous and awkward angle for the ankle which further creates pressure and hinders circulation in the foot,” Dr Kipchumba said.

“Furthermore, you find mostly we contraindicate wearing heels for women who are pregnant because it increases pressure on their back and knees which are already under strain leading to leg cramps which is a minor discomfort among pregnant women and it also brings less balance on the pelvic girdle and even making feet edematous due to its effect on pattern flow of blood,” he explained.

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