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Does anyone know this man caught on CCTV stealing laptop from city stall?

A CCTV footage showing a neatly dressed man stealing a laptop from a shop at the Old Nation Building in Nairobi’s Central Business District has emerged.

The man clad in a brown suit is seen entering the stalls hall before moving from shop to shop, marking the movement of the business operators.

When he had marked his target, a lady who runs Amason Pictures that deals with Branding and digital printing stall, Felister Osebe, he patiently waits for her to move out of the stall before striking.


“I closed the door to the stall and entered a cyber café and stayed there for a few minutes before going to another stall to pick an Identity card” Ms Osebe said.

The suspect is seen walking back and forth pretending to be speaking on phone, as he marked Ms Osebe’s movement before going into the shop and making away hastily with the laptop.

“The HP laptop belonged to a frequent client but it also has a lot of my documents. I hope circulating the video can help identify the man,” she said.