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Does Diamond regret losing Zari? She claims exes are seek reconciliation

Socialite Zari Hassan is throwing some jibes at some people who think being dumped would make her regret in life.

Zari firmly asserted that no one holds the authority to predict her feelings of regret regarding a past relationship.

She shared a video of herself on her way to work.

In the video, the mother of five emphasised that the only entity with the right to potentially make her regret is money – the hard-earned income she diligently pursues.

“Only money has the privilege to say, ‘You will regret losing me.’ The rest, take it easy,” Zari expressed in the video.

This message follows her recent white wedding with her younger partner, Shakib Lutaaya, a few weeks ago.

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Zari’s romantic choices have faced scrutiny and criticism from some of her followers.

In September, Zari dropped a hint that some of her former partners might be interested in rekindling their past relationships with her.

The renowned socialite chose to share this on her TikTok account with a caption that read:

“When all your exes want you back, it means you were never the problem. I stand by what I said 😏. Second chances don’t come twice… bye!” Zari said.

Her statements consistently spark discussions, regardless of her intentions.

Zari, who has been in relationships with several men, most notably musician Diamond Platnumz, has always intrigued netizens with the dynamics of her interactions with her ex-partners after their breakups, even as both of them have moved on to new relationships.

In the video posted on September 11, Zari directly addressed a man seeking reconciliation, saying:

“I’m going to be that woman you’ll always remember, the one you’ll always care about because I genuinely had a good heart. So you’ll keep trying to find the love and loyalty I gave you, but I don’t care anymore. You should have appreciated me when you had the chance. Losing me will be the best karma for you.”

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