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Does the world really need a Valentine’s Day?

For one day out of 365 days, men and women across the world trip over themselves hassling and bustling to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Billions are spent on over priced gifts, barely fresh flowers, vacations and every other thing associated with this highly commercialized 14th day of February and it leaves me wondering, does the world really need a Valentine’s Day?

Does the world really need a Valentine’s day where the value of a relationship is measured by the extravagance of gifts exchanged? Do billions of people across the world need a day where they are pressured to make grand gestures or purchase lavish gifts that can strain the relationship if finances are ruined? Does the world need a cruise load of people feeling disappointed on this day when their expectations are not met?

Does the world really need to urgently remind single and desperately searching people that they are still lonely and need to suck it up; and not ruin the day for others? Valentine’s Day can be exclusionary, making those who are single feel left out or inadequate. The emphasis on romantic love can be alienating to those who are not in a romantic relationship- or are in illicit relationships and cannot publicly declare their love for their love interests, leading to feelings of loneliness, self-doubt and some shame.

Also, men, do you really need a Valentine’s Day where you will be pressured into living up to outdated gender stereotypes where you are expected to be the givers while your women simply wait to receive? Do you need this day in particular to be reminded how romance and money go hand in hand- and especially by your hand? Do you need to be reminded that on this day, as you come bearing gifts and flowers, this will be the one day where you will receive unconditional love until the 15th rolls around for you to be asked why you are not handling household finances well? Where did the unconditional love go?

To our environment protectors and warriors, do we really need a Valentine’s Day? Do you really need this day to shout your voice hoarse over how millions of cards, flowers and gifts will be poorly discarded and contribute to waste and pollution?

To some folks, Valentine’s Day is the one day they can simp on epic levels before a romantic partner without getting criticized or mocked for being ‘too in love’ while for others, it can either be an ordinary day to get through like any other day of the week or an unnecessary and harmful day- especially for those who are struggling with love or are dealing with the loss of a lover.

Instead of focusing on this one day to prove- often not show- your love, we should aim to express love and appreciation for our lovers every single day of the year. Yes, this day has sentimental value attached to it for millions of people across the world but it is taking away from the true meaning of  daily, raw and unconditional love. Let us love every day, not on one ear marked day that often passes by uneventfully for the majority unlike the minority.

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