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Donholm attracting hawkers in droves

December 6th, 2013 1 min read

The once bare roadsides of Donholm estate are now sprawled with makeshift market stalls owing to increased development of the area.

Donholm has seen an increase in population following expension of residential estates and social amenities, which has giving vendors and hawkers market for their wares.

Looking to take advantage of the middle class residents’ purchasing power, the traders offer everything from second-hand clothes, groceries to steel construction materials and utensils.


Hawking hotspots in Donholm include the area behind Total Petrol Station popularly known as Caltex, main gates to residential estates including Savanna, Phase 5 and 8, Harambee Sacco, and Jacaranda. The hotspot outside Greenspan Shopping Mall is one of the latest.

James Maina, a clothes-seller near the perimeter wall of the shopping mall, said the area had more activity compared to other places in Donholm.

“I started selling near the mall recently because shoppers leaving the mall easily spot our wares. Many usually have loose change which they want to dispose of,” he said.