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Donor kickstart efforts to rebuild Hargeisa Market in Somaliland

April 19th, 2022 2 min read

The United Nations and donor agencies based in Nairobi have set out to raise funds for victims of the Waheen Market in Hargeisa which was razed down.

Officials of the UN and several embassies based in Nairobi met at the Danish embassy residence to discuss the modalities of how to help the victims and reconstruction efforts of the market where goods worth approximately US dollars 2 billion was razed down over two weeks ago.

In attendance was the Somaliland minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Essa Kayd, Planning minister Omar Ali and the deputy finance minister Rhoda Elmi alongside Dr Jama Muse Jama who chairs the joint national response committee and the Somaliland envoy to Kenya Mohamed Mohamoud.

The Somaliland delegation briefed the representatives of the international community the extent of the fire destruction and what is being done to start the reconstruction process.

“Our plea is for the international community to help not only in the reconstruction process but also help those affected overcome the trauma they are going through in the aftermath of inferno,” said Dr Essa Kayd, the foreign minister of Somaliland told the delegation that included officials of the UNDP, European Union, World Bank, Plan International, the British, Dutch, Denmark, Sweden, Norway among others who have formed an inter agency committee.

The inter-agency committee committed to raise funds to start in the reconstruction process and build a modern market and at the same time help the victims.

And at the weekend, the Somaliland foreign minister and his delegation held a meeting with members of the Somaliland community in Kenya where they discussed the ongoing fundraising programs and recovery plans for the Waheen market fire catastrophe.

The Somaliland Community in Kenya held a fundraiser at the embassy which was also attended by the Mayor of Hargeisa Abdikarim Mooge.

The Mayor briefed the members of the Somaliland community in Kenya on the Hargeisa Waheen Market Fire recovery plans and efforts.