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Don’t cross-dress in front of my children – Vera warns BFF Mwamburi

Maxwell Mwamburi, Vera Sidika’s best friend, has shed more light on their disagreement.

Mwamburi took to his social media accounts to reveal that Vera had asked him to leave her house in the early morning hours, unveiling the drama between them.

According to Mwamburi’s Instagram stories, Vera treated him harshly and rudely.

An emotional Mwamburi posted a photo of himself and Vera on his social media platforms, demanding an apology from her for her actions and words that made him leave her house at 1 am.

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He warned that he would expose and criticise her without restraint if she did not apologise. Vera did not comment on the matter.

Months later, Mwamburi revealed in an earlier interview that Vera had a problem with his sexuality.

He explained that whenever they had meetings, she insisted that he wear a suit, which he found unacceptable.

Mwamburi felt that her insistence on the suit was an act of homophobia as he likes to cross-dress.

He also denied rumours that the beef was as a result of a romantic involvement with Vera’s husband, Brown Mauzo.

He denied the claims stating that Brown was not his type and that he had not made any advances towards him.

When asked why Brown had blocked him on social media, he speculated that Vera’s opinions had influenced Brown.

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Months later, Mwamburi has come out to apologised to both Vera and her husband Brown.

Vera told her fans that she had forgiven Mwamburi a long time ago as she does not hold grudges. She expressed her happiness at his personal growth and acknowledgement of his mistakes and wished him well.

Now Mwamburi has taken it upon himself to clarify the nature of the drama between him and Vera. He explained that Vera did not kick him out of her house on the night he mentioned.

“She didn’t chase me out of the house the night I said she did! I was sipping Hennessy that night. It was an argument about coming out! Her point was, I can cross dress all I want, just not in front of her kids just yet till they are of age to understand about genders! Which is totally okay! I mistook the statement and overreacted! Otherwise let the Queen reign.”

He added, “Anyone who says Vera Sidika is a fake is a hater!! She has the purest souls. What you see is what you get.”

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