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Don’t disturb a busy God, Museveni warns Ugandans

President Yoweri Museveni has issued a cheeky warning to Ugandans not to incur the wrath of a ‘busy’ God by failing to adhere to the conditions set by his government which is aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

He spoke on Sunday during a two-hour address to the nation, noting that Ugandans are still coming into contact with strangers, breaking curfew, and even defying the ban on private and public transport.

“God has protected us, we do not have any (coronavirus related) deaths in Uganda up to now. But God is busy also. He has got the whole world to look after. He cannot be here just in Uganda looking after idiots (who fail to follow instructions),” Museveni said.

“God (also) needs to look at Latin America where people are suffering. Here he has given us enough information on the coronavirus for us to look after ourselves. He can’t be blamed and the government cannot be blamed,” he further said.

The 75-year-old President has also ordered that the bodies of people who may die as a result of the coronavirus be buried immediately.

“Let no one bring bodies of people that have died of Covid-19 to Uganda. Whoever dies of Covid-19 outside Uganda should be buried there, you can also choose to creamate them. Likewise, Ugandans who die as a result of coronavirus will be buried by the state with proper health precautions and procedure,” he said.