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Don’t look for insta goals, Shorn Arwa tips women on choosing a husband

Lifestyle influencer Shorn Arwa, known for her glamorous lifestyle and successful marriage to a rich Nigerian man, has shared some insightful advice on choosing a husband.

In a heartfelt message on her Instagram page, Arwa urged women to focus on finding a partner whose love language is giving.

“Find you a man who loves to give, make sure his love language is giving, make sure the more he gives the happier he gets. Don’t look for insta goals,” she said.

Being married to a man who spoils her silly, the fashion influencer does not shy away from sharing her lavish lifestyle with her followers all while encouraging women to also chase men who are natural givers at heart. 

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Last month, in a TikTok live session, Arwa recounted how she met her husband and narrated what a struggle it was to bag him. She spoke about how she initially struggled to capture her husband’s attention saying that despite her best efforts to impress him at the time, he seemed distracted by his phone. Undeterred, Arwa decided to take matters into her own hands.

Arwa approached her husband as he was leaving the hotel where they had their first encounter, and in a bold move, she shared a collection of photos she had taken, most of which featured him. This unexpected gesture caught his attention, leading to an intriguing interaction leading to their marriage.

One amusing detail from their initial encounter was Arwa’s lack of familiarity with Apple’s AirDrop feature. As she attempted to transfer the photos, she discovered her Android phone didn’t support the application.

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However, Arwa’s determination to connect with her potential soulmate shone through, as she suggested texting him on WhatsApp instead. This small moment of technology mishap turned into a meaningful connection, bridging the gap between their worlds.

While Arwa has kept her husband’s identity a secret, she tantalizingly hinted that she would soon reveal him to the public. During one of her live sessions, her husband surprised her by appearing and gifting her flowers, displaying their affection and the strength of their bond.

This public demonstration of affection only added to the allure of their relationship, leaving her fans eagerly awaiting the day when they will finally meet the man who captured Arwa’s heart.

The bold fashionista relocated to the UK last month, and shortly after she was gifted a BMW X1, which was later followed by an upgrade of two other machines, BMW X2 and X3, all of which she flaunted on social media.

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