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‘Don’t threaten Judiciary,’ Miguna’s advice to Ruto

President William Ruto’s recent comments taking aim at the Judiciary have stirred a wave of criticism among Kenyans, with lawyer Miguna Miguna now adding his voice to the dissent.

Miguna, expressing his displeasure through a social media post, urged President Ruto to uphold the independence of the Judiciary and refrain from making threats.

In a pointed message, Miguna highlighted the pervasive corruption issue across various sectors in the country, emphasising that State House is not exempt. He stressed the importance of addressing corruption through proper legal channels rather than resorting to threats or extrajudicial measures.

“Let me give President William Ruto a free but important advice. Stop threatening the judiciary. Stop threatening Kenyan litigants,” Miguna asserted.

He emphasised the need to tackle corruption cases in accordance with the law and cautioned against succumbing to pressure from advisors advocating for a heavy-handed approach.

“Don’t listen to sycophants urging you to wield the sword. Those are autocratic enemies of the people. Restrain yourself. Don’t become a tyrant,” Miguna advised.

President Ruto, in recent statements, expressed frustration over legal challenges hindering government projects.

He claimed that certain cases, influenced by a corrupt system, were obstructing initiatives such as housing projects and health coverage. While affirming support for the Judiciary’s independence, Ruto vowed to resist what he termed as “judicial tyranny” and “judicial impunity.”

Responding to Ruto’s stance, Miguna criticised the President’s approach and called for the use of lawful mechanisms to combat corruption.

“We have a plethora of strategies and tactics for wrestling grand corruption in Kenya,” Miguna remarked, highlighting the importance of adhering to established legal processes rather than resorting to threats.

As the debate on the role of the Judiciary in governance intensifies, Miguna’s counsel adds another perspective to the ongoing discourse, emphasising the need for a balanced and lawful approach to address the challenges facing the nation.