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Don’t wait until you graduate to start searching for a job – Churchill

Describe yourself in three words

Optimistic. Determined. Hardworking.

I believe in a better tomorrow.

How do you strike a balance between your many roles?

A day has got 24 hours, eight hours to sleep, eight hours to work and another free eight hours. With this, you can strike a balance, and do everything and anything that you want.

A car or a house. Which came first?

A car. A very useless two-door car. The owner was struggling to maintain it. I bought in 1999, a Mazda KAD. The doors had no locks, and it had no radio. Even worse, I had neither a driving license nor the money to fuel the car. It was agonising taking a matatu to work yet I owned a car.

Which is the one mistake you made in your youth that you regret most?

That first car I bought. I have never gotten over my foolishness. I bought it with my first salary. I was involved in a big malaria campaign at the time, a one-week project. I was paid Sh180, 000 in cash.

I paid rent for a year and then bought the car using the remaining Sh150, 000. It was the biggest mistake that I have ever made in my life. Two months later, I returned the car to the friend who had sold it to me.

He is still paying back that money. Whenever we meet and he buys me lunch, he says, “Kata ile mahali…” (This is part of the payment)

Which attributes do you owe your success to?

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. You may be talented, but without discipline, you will miss out on your purpose. Discipline drives my purpose.

Your career, did you see it coming or did you just find yourself in it?

It just came. God directed me this way. I had a great interest in acting and comedy. As soon as I completed college, I joined theatre. At the time, I didn’t see television opening in that direction. Today there are many opportunities on TV, radio and the digital space.

What’s your education background?

I went to Machakos Township Primary School and then Mumbuni High School. After high school I studied theology at Word of Life in Kabete. I am now a student at Daystar University studying mass communication.

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